13 Skin-Perfecting Pads for Lazy Girls That Tackle Every Skin Care Concern

As much as we consider ourselves to be skin care aficionados, we still have soul-sucking days when we just can’t even. It can take a Herculean effort to do something as simple as washing our faces, never mind exfoliating and using peels and anti-aging serums. Enter: low-effort facial pads.

The pads come pre-soaked in small, travel-friendly containers and are ready to be swiped on complexions. There are no cotton balls or extra pads needed. Take one, apply it and go. (It’s unnecessary to rinse most formulas.) The pads we’re most familiar with are ones that target acne, but there are AHA-rich exfoliating pads, brightening pads and even peels in pad form. For particularly rough days, there are pads that replace multiple products so there’s no excuse to skip skin care steps again.

Click through the gallery to shop the easy-to-use skin care pads made for lazy days.

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