Periwinkle Pastel Hair Is Like a Dream Come True

Pastel hair season is back once again, and this year we’re skipping over coral, porange and bubblegum pink to go even cooler. Icier pastels like Scandi blond, lilac, lavender and frozen blue have all had their moments. Now it’s time for periwinkle to shine.

Periwinkle is on the lightest side of the blue spectrum and can be described as a super light, bleached-out purple with lavender, gray and minty blue undertones. The best thing about periwinkle hair is that you can always add in lighter, more prominent pastel highlights to make your hair look richer and more voluminous.

Periwinkle hair is also easier to maintain than more platinum shades; there’s no brassiness to worry about and silvery edges are almost always in fashion.

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