The Smoothest Liquid Eyeshadows for an All-Day Summer Glow

There’s a reason vials and polished tubes have replaced our palettes of matte nudes. Powdery eye makeup is great for winter when we don’t live in fear of creases, flakes or smudges. But come summer, eyeshadow means business. We need something with a strong, no-nonsense pigment and quick-drying capacity.

Liquid eyeshadows are pretty solid once they settle in — a huge draw for us at any climate. Since summer makeup requires more frequent touch-ups, it’s a huge relief when we can just apply a slick of shadow. Powdered or dusted shadows, and even some cream ones, usually need a do-over and may come off looking patchy if you’re in a hurry and don’t layer it right.

This is where liquid eyeshadows shine. You can literally just glide them over your eyes and ditch your liner as liquid shadows offer more coverage and long-lasting staying power.

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