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What’s Going on With Charles Anastase? (Forum Buzz)

Charles Anastase Spring 2011 runway presentationFashion Spot forum member TianCouture started a thread the other day titled, “Charles Anastase: Where’d He Go and What Happened?” He wrote, “Still trying to get some info on his whereabouts!!! His site is down (I get a void message) and he's been absent for two seasons… anyone have an idea about where he went???”

Now that TianCouture asks, it seems that other forum members have also been wondering about Anastase. Psylocke thinks that he may still be around, albeit flying under the radar. “I've sent so many messages to London Fashion Week's various Twitter and Facebook accounts and never got a reply,” she shared. “No one seems to know. The fact that LaGarconne now finally has a few new Charles Anastase pieces up makes me think he's still around but just taking a break with no shows/presentations/lookbooks, but at least putting out some basic pieces.”

Anastase hasn’t held a formal presentation since showing his Fall 2011 collection in London, but as Scott noted, “The last official collection he did was Spring 2012—there was no presentation but I've seen some of the pieces on the Matches website. So obviously the last one did go into production.”

Forum members are guessing that Anastase has likely fallen on hard times financially. If that’s the case then it wouldn’t be a surprise considering the economic climate and that other brands seem to be folding left and right. A little investigation by TianCouture revealed an odd Facebook post by Iain Brodie in July 2011 on the Charles Anastase 1979 group page. He wrote:

“How about you pay your bills Mr. Anastase? Should you intend exhibiting/showing at London Fashion Week this September, I look forward to catching up with you then!”


So, what’s the deal? Forum members are sure to continue their investigations, but it seems strange that there has been no formal announcement of any sort. This feels like a mystery that needs to be solved.