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Vogue Italia Fans Aren’t Here for Franca Sozzani’s Final Issue Featuring Madonna

February marks Franca Sozzani’s final issue of Vogue Italia since her unfortunate passing back in December and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its unveiling. Forum members expected to see photographer Steven Meisel steal the spotlight or a whole host of models on the cover. Instead, Steven Klein gives us a Polaroid-style shot of Madonna, who’s fresh off of the cover of US Harper’s Bazaar.

Vogue Italia February 2017 : Madonna by Steven Klein


Forum members were quite disappointed with the cover. “See you guys in March!” declared a far from impressed blueorchid the moment the cover struck yesterday.

“What the heck is this?” asked OllieJE.

“So we waited this long for this? The cover is scary, to be honest. I can not believe this is the last issue under Franca,” sobbed an unforgiving guimon.

GivenchyHomme was disgusted by the outcome: “Gross. Vogue Italia has officially hit rock bottom. I pray that Vogue Italia will land back on its feet with the new EIC. They can only go up from here.”

Nymphaea expressed the same sort of sentiments, adding, “Ugh, bad choice to take Madonna, it’s always the same with her. Next please!”

“Madonna by Steven Klein. How original,” laughed Scotty.

“Simply hideous,” exclaimed a horrified Les_Sucettes.

“Could it be less relevant?” questioned hfgl. “No one asked for this,” she proclaimed.

If you care to, check out Madonna on the other two covers for Vogue Italia’s February issue and add your own two cents here.