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Cara Delevingne Leaves Chanel to Become the New Face of Christian Dior Cosmetics

Ever since she first came onto the scene, Cara Delevingne has been closely affiliated with Chanel — sitting front row, wearing the most coveted pieces to events and fronting countless campaigns. In a surprising move, the British model-turned-actress has jumped ship in favor of Christian Dior, becoming the new face of Dior’s upcoming anti-aging ‘Capture Youth‘ skincare range, set for release in early 2018. In the teaser picture (below), Cara oozes youthful energy while sporting her cropped brunette pixie cut. Joining the likes of Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman, we’ll soon be seeing Delevingne’s face plastered across Christian Dior beauty counters everywhere.

Cara Delevingne Becomes The New Face of Christian Dior Cosmetics


Our forum member did not take the news lightly. “Wait, what? I’m guessing her dealings with Karl is now officially over. Odd to jump ship from Chanel to Dior. The money must’ve been right, or perhaps something else went down. Isn’t the ‘Capture‘ range aimed at older women, or at least those fighting aging? I don’t think she makes much sense for this line. To make matters worse, she looks like a robot in the teaser,” voiced Benn98 immediately.

“This is so weird. She has been the face of Chanel for so long! It is almost quite passé to use her as a ‘fresh’ or ‘youth’ oriented face for any brand,” Lola701 chimed in.

“This is just laughable. There are so many fish in the sea why would you go after one already used by Chanel. The thirst is real and there is no originality at all. When you think about it the Dior women are so different that they have nothing in common at all,” complained TaylorBinque.

Also quick to dismiss Dior’s new signing was apple: “Yikes. First you replace a perfect testimonial like Eva [Herzigova], who is such an elegant, glamorous woman who was such a good choice to sell that product. But you replace it with Cara? Seriously? She’s been the face of Chanel for so long… and she’s not hot anymore in modeling!”

“Dior is sinking…” stated forum member 333101.

“Suits the new boring Dior perfectly. Great match!” snarked an underwhelmed whippie.

At the very least, we must wait for Cara’s first campaign to drop, right? Share your own sentiments with us here.