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Natalie Portman Tries on a New Look for Porter’s Retro-Inspired Spring 2018 Cover

Porter was our everything at the newsstand when it first launched. Eventually, our enthusiasm dimmed after a series of safe and mundane covers, though the magazine seems to have gotten its mojo back with recent covers featuring Brie Larson and Imaan Hammam. Now, actress Natalie Portman fronts the publication’s 25th issue for Spring 2018, minus all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Cass Bird photographed Natalie hanging out of a car window wearing a Vivienne Westwood corset and some Isabel Marant denim shorts for the retro-inspired cover shoot, styled by Veronique Didry.

Porter #25 Spring 2018 : Natalie Portman by Cass Bird


The cover generated mixed feedback on our forums. “This is certainly… different for Natalie. I can’t tell whether I like it or not,” dodencebt voiced.

“Maybe it’s just my mind, but here, she looks like a prostitute hanging out on a sunny day, when the going is still good, feeling free… before night falls and the work begins,” mused forum member tigerrouge.

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“Yeah, I see the tawdry undertones as well, it’s not to my taste. I think it’s the amateur hair and makeup,” agreed Benn98.

T-rex felt a little uneasy too, commenting, “I can’t figure out why but something doesn’t work here for me. Is it the sexy rockabilly/Carmen Miranda-esque pinup styling on Portman? Maybe she looks a little uncomfortable, or is it the composition? Can’t put my finger on it…”

Yet everyone else was thrilled with the different approach. “Wow! Finally an original spring cover. Never seen Natalie Portman look like this. Stunning!” heralded mercyminx.

“Such a gorgeous cover! So nice to see Natalie in a different dimension,” appreciated congacon.

“I like it, it feels fresh and nice for spring and it’s a different side of Natalie,” added apple.

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