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Willy Vanderperre’s Lifeless Vogue Italia Covers Look Awfully Familiar

It’s official: our forum members have fallen out of love with photographer Willy Vanderperre after numerous underwhelming Prada campaigns and his Kardashian-Jenner x Calvin Klein stunt. To add fuel to the fire, the Belgian lensman disappoints again with a trio of depressing Vogue Italia covers for July 2018. The Italian fashion glossy really needed a win after last month’s controversial Gigi Hadid cover, but this month’s installment is disappointingly lifeless and dull. Mica Arganaraz, Rianne van Rompaey and Doutzen Kroes blandly pose on the beach, wearing little black dresses from Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Ermanno Scervino, styled by Olivier Rizzo.

Vogue Italia June 2018 : Mica, Rianne & Doutzen by Willy Vanderperre


The covers looked awfully familiar to our eagle-eyed forum members. “Looks like an outtake from any of Willy’s countless CK campaigns,” pointed out Ivanovaju at once.

“The setting seems the same as the Prada campaign he did for Spring 2017,” Sensation noticed.

“Boring models, lazy set, and yes that Prada campaign immediately came to my mind,” MDNA agreed.

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TaylorBinque recognized the similarities too, adding, “Why can’t Willy just go off and stay out for like ever! This is like a redux version of Prada and CK campaign combined with literally no excitement, no nothing!”

Also quick to call out Vanderperre was forum member 333101. “Anyone remember when Vanderperre had talent? And this magazine was good? What a pitiful set of covers. There’s no source of life from any of the models, just depressing all round,” she vented.

Vogue Italia June 2018 : Mica, Rianne & Doutzen by Willy Vanderperre


HeatherAnne wasn’t here for the outcome either. “What a disgrace, these are the most banal unimaginative covers ever,” she stated.

“I’m so done with Vanderperre, these covers are drier than a rice waffle. Granted Rianne still manages to emote something but both others are absolutely dreadful. Scientists everywhere are still struggling to explain the ‘phenomenon’ called Mica,” slammed Vitamine W.

“Very depressing, a very sad summer edition,” wrote Nymphaea.

Expressing the same sentiments was dodencebt: “I know sterile is what Vanderperre goes for and it’s annoying when we keep bringing it up, but God is this sterile. It gives me nothing!”

“Oh no. This doesn’t feel summery at all. Even if it’s on a beach. Like everyone said. Prada rejects and VI just bought the outtakes,” RanThe commented.

Vogue Italia June 2018 : Mica, Rianne & Doutzen by Willy Vanderperre


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