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Selena Gomez’s Hair Takes Center Stage on ELLE’s October Cover

Nina Garcia, who continues to elevate ELLE, certainly has a soft spot for the music industry’s hottest talent, giving recent covers to Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. Following in their footsteps is Selena Gomez, who takes to the magazine’s recently unveiled October 2018 issue. The songstress, who currently boasts a staggering 142 million (and counting) Instagram followers, sat for photographer Mariano Vivanco and stylist Anne Trevelyan, looking every inch the bombshell in Coach (because what else?)

US Elle October 2018 : Selena Gomez by Mariano Vivanco


Yet just like her Harper’s Bazaar cover back in March, our forum members aren’t buying it. “The covers somehow look so dated and not in a good way… the hair perhaps?” asked amby.

“That hair is a no! A very big no!” said MON.

“Oh wow, the hair ruined everything. And she’s going back into her child pageant vibes with this shoot after [Steven] Meisel made her look so age-appropriate for Coach,” wrote Benn98.

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“Nothing will ever top her Vogue cover, nothing! It was hot and very original. A favorite amongst our members (myself included). ELLE however, rarely takes risks and this is very safe,” GivenchyHomme said.

“It all looks so cheap…” complained 333101.

Morgane07 agreed: “I don’t like the cover, the hair extensions look obvious, hence ‘cheap’ but it also looks like an ad for a shampoo funnily enough. It doesn’t look like today’s Selena, looks like a 10-year-old picture!”

“Yikes! Does she need that much retouching? Come on,” RMDV scolded.

“I actually don’t think it’s that bad. The only major issue to me with it is the annoying retouching,” mentioned SLFC.

US Elle October 2018 : Selena Gomez by Mariano Vivanco


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