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Gisele Bündchen Channels Italian Singer Mina Mazzini on Vogue Italia’s October Cover

It’s safe to say that our forums haven’t been feeling Vogue Italia lately. First came the controversial Gigi Hadid cover in May, after that was a series of lifeless Willy Vanderperre covers, followed by a juvenile Kaia Gerber offering and a set of unremarkable Madonna covers that failed to hit the spot. The magazine’s all-important September issue last month with Vittoria Cerretti was a total flop with tFS forum members and now for October, Gisele Bündchen returns to the cover just eight months after her last appearance. Photographed by Luigi & Iango and styled in Christian Dior by Patti Wilson, the Brazilian bombshell is a far cry from her usual self as she channels legendary Italian singer Mina Mazzini.

Vogue Italia October 2018 : Gisele Bündchen by Luigi & Iango


The cover sparked fierce debate amongst our forum members. “You have to be very talented to make Gisele Bündchen look ugly,” slammed GivenchyAddict.

“If you celebrate Mina, why don’t you put Mina on the cover? At first I thought it was Anna Cleveland,” added Srdjan.

“Nope, it doesn’t work. Not even a model as great as her can pull it off because they did her wrong with the makeup,” Miss Dalloway said.

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In agreement over how questionable the shoot turned out was MON. “I’m sorry but this is pretentious. I get that they’re paying tribute to Mina, but a stunning PORTRAIT of Gisele would have sufficed! I don’t get why they felt the need to add that odd hand placement! The focus should have been on the face, nothing else!” he said.

But not everyone hated it. “I like the cover. Gisele looking like herself wouldn’t have been anything new anyway,” fired back Scotty.

“Finally, a Gisele cover where she’s not styled and looking like ‘Gisele’,” forum member khyrk said.

“Anytime people find an opportunity to remind us that Gisele is actually a stellar and versatile fashion model, I am totally here for it. Love this!” said happycanadian.

Vogue Italia October 2018 : Gisele Bündchen by Luigi & Iango


Check out some previews of the issue and share your thoughts on Gisele transforming into Mina Mazzini here.