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Christian Dior’s Underwhelming Pre-Fall 2019 Campaign Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Our forums have been more than vocal over the odd pairing that is Jennifer Lawrence x Christian Dior. Ever since the Oscar-winning actress put pen to paper back in 2013, she’s yet to overwhelm us as the face of the iconic French fashion house. A total of six years later and Dior still insists on milking the contract for everything it’s worth, and J.Law is back once again starring in another campaign for the brand. Following the Joy fragrance campaign, Jennifer now showcases Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection, surrounded by the work of artist Sheila Hicks at the Sikkema Jenkins & Co. art gallery in New York — and doing little else.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2019 : Jennifer Lawrence


Dior, remind us when this contract is up, please? “Those art pieces look far more interesting than the clothes!” declared Benn98 the second the campaign dropped.

“This is just pointless! Pointless clothes, pointless campaign and clearly, a woman who doesn’t even care about fashion, Dior or the shoot,” ranted Lola701.

“Atrocious, and at the end of my tether with these mind-numbingly insipid Christian Dior campaigns,” vogue28 confessed.

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“When will they get rid of her? This connection never worked,” disapproved Royal-Galliano.

DK92 couldn’t have agreed more, echoing: “I don’t understand how they continue with J.Law!”

“Dull. She doesn’t want to be there,” noted a less than impressed Perickles.

“She doesn’t make clothes and accessories look good, and her hair never looks good either. Jennifer’s much better suited for their makeup line. She looked very good in their Dior Addict lipstick ads,” confessed Morgane07.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2019 : Jennifer Lawrence


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