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Rihanna Is Almost Unrecognizable on Interview’s Summer 2019 Cover

Whether she’s platinum blonde, sporting a bold makeup look for Harper’s Bazaar, channeling Queen Nefertiti on Vogue Arabia or becoming the first black woman to grace British Vogue‘s September issue, Rihanna is newsstand gold. Now the Fenty creative director is profiled like you’ve never seen her before, posing on a set of covers for Interview‘s Summer 2019 edition both shot by Pierre-Ange Carlotti. Styled by Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna goes incognito for cover one (below) wearing head-to-toe Saint Laurent and plays peekaboo on cover two (after the jump).

Interview Summer 2019 : Rihanna by Pierre-Ange Carlotti


“Idiotic and the inside shots are just as bad, and vulgar! I mean it’s her ‘brand’, but she can be used so much better than this! Also anyone that works with this mag is shameful in my book,” ranted Miss Dalloway.

“The one magazine I actually wish would go bust! It’s preposterous that they’re not only allowed to operate, but that people still willingly shoot for them,” echoed Benn98.

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“Pierre-Ange is such an awful photographer. I believe that to the core of my being, and will never understand his appeal and success. These pics aren’t the worst that he’s capable of, but they aren’t far off, either. Rihanna is Rihanna, so I can appreciate the cover, regardless of the lucha libre styling. Everything else is just cheap,” reasoned mepps.

But not everyone was disappointed. “I love this cover! It is so different and just doesn’t give a s**t about the typical and boring beauty standard,” praised Perickles.

“Gotta respect the fact they put such a strong and recognizable face as Rihanna on the cover, but hid it behind a mask,” noted aracic.

Interview Summer 2019 : Rihanna by Pierre-Ange Carlotti


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