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Charlotte Free Signs with Maybelline and P’Trique Spills the Beans [VIDEO]

Charlotte FreeMy favorite model Charlotte Free has signed on to be the new face of Maybelline. This would be big news of its own accord, because Free's punky personality and quasi-provocative aesthetic make her a suprising choice for the beauty brand, which favors more conventionally pretty spokesmodels. It's hard to imagine Maybelline's famous slogan, "Maybe she was born with it; Maybe it's Maybelline," running below a photo of Free's bottle-dyed pink hair.

But the company's evidently shifting its marketing strategy: instead of breaking the news of its new relationship with Free to WWD or some other establishment media source, Maybelline commisioned the very lovable P'trique of "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say" to create a video around the story, pulling in cameos from major fashion bigshots like Betsey Johnson, Derek Blasberg, and John Jannuzzi. The brand then sent the clip to Fashionista as an exclusive. 

Maybelline didn't sign Charlotte Free as a way of appealing to a broad range of consumers, they signed her, and enlisted the help of viral fashion video guru P'trique, to appeal to online fashion obsessives — to people proccupied with being trendsetters.

Here's the video. It's extremely funny:

Image via WENN