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Glamour UK’s January Jones Cover is an Argument Against Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2013 Collection

Here's January Jones on the cover of Glamour UK's April issue, wearing one of Louis Vuitton's atrocious Spring 2013 looks

I get that all fashion editors and stylists have spent the past few months obsessed with showing mod-inspired designer spring fashion, because monochrome graphic prints were "all over the runways," but we as fashion consumers are suffering because of this, subject to seeing the same dumb idea rehashed over and over again by a print media that still thinks "We're mad for January Jones" and "5 Super Hot Sex Fantasies" are compelling and original cover lines worthy of a national magazine. 

Obviously, everything about the cover is unbearable, from Jones' pose to that floofy side-part bob, but I've got to say that the most insulting aspect is the way the color scheme almost perfectly replicates the collection's ad campaign and runway set, showing an astonishing lack of imagination on the part of Glamour UK's editorial staff. They didn't even try! This is the photo equivalent of reprinting a press release.

Image via TFS Forums