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‘Wear it Your Way’ with Tu at Sainsbury’s Latest Drop

Ever shopped for clothes at a supermarket? Canadian retailer Joe Fresh got its start shilling trendy, affordable clothes a stone's throw away from the produce aisle, and Tu at Sainsbury is taking a similar approach. The range boasts a fine selection of key wardrobe staples updated to fit the latest trends, with the hopes that customers mix and match the pieces to develop their own unique looks. It is fitting, then, that the range's slogan this season is, "Wear it your way."


Image: Sainsbury’s

Fronting the campaign are two different UK celebrities (best known for their former pop careers!) with different body shapes and style preferences. The first, Heidi Range, has more feminine proclivities, often opting for floaty dresses and a warm pink colour palette. Lousie Redknapp, on the other hand, infuses her outfits with more of an androgynous vibe, leaning slightly feminine with the help of some well-placed floral prints. You can watch how the girls use the same collection to achieve their own styles here.

The collection really does have something for everyone, from 50s-style dresses to on-trend separates. Now, the bad news is that the clothing is only available in Sainsbury’s stores, but the good news is that it’ll certainly make your weekly big shop a little bit more fun.