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Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics Company Isn’t Impressing the Better Business Bureau


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Yesterday, the Cut reported that the Better Business Bureau assigned an F to Lip Kit magnate Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics brand. The sub-par grade, it said, came as the result of 133 separate complaints regarding, for the most part, delivery issues and general problems with the product and services rendered. Today, the Better Business Bureau’s website shows that the business, in fact, has no rating — though it does now have 134 complaints — as it has been in existence less than one year and therefore does not have a “sufficient track record for BBB to rate it.” Dodged a bullet there, Kyles.

Since Kylie Cosmetics’ November launch, its Lip Kits have come under fire for shipping delays, changes in formula and shoddy packaging, among other criticisms. When questioned by the Better Business Bureau regarding the M.I.A. and incomplete Lip Kit deliveries, the brand blamed its obvious packaging. To better conceal what’s inside those coveted Lip Kit parcels, the company is now “taking steps to change their packaging so that it is less recognizable.” As for the allegations of copycat formulas, Kylie Cosmetics’ parent company, Seed Beauty, has “informed BBB that Kylie Cosmetics uses an exclusive formula that is not shared by any other brand.”While a whopping 70 delivery issues in under a year does not bode well for the company’s pending grade (to put things in perspective, Sephora received nine delivery-related complaints in the past three years…and an A+), we’re willing to give the teen entrepreneur a pass, at least for the time being. Her first stand-alone business venture took off so quickly, it comes as no surprise that it’s having some growing pains. Plus, as New York Magazine points out, the company’s upcoming brick-and-mortar location will wipe out a third of the issues (at least for SoCal residents).

To Kylie, we say, to hell with branding — act as if you’re sending out ATM cards and keep those boxes as blank as you’d like your customer complaints summary to be.

UPDATE: Hours after this story was published, Kylie took to Instagram to address her revised Better Business Bureau rating and assure fans she is working on more affordable shipping rates.