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Watch: 100 Years of Swimsuit Styles in 3 Minutes — Using Body Paint

Far more fun than the cakey, unsettling 100-layers-of-makeup videos taking the beauty blogosphere by storm is the occasional 100-years-of-(insert fashion category here) retrospective that allows us to look back on trends old, newer and newest and reflect on the ways in which fashion evolves and often repeats itself.

Swimwear, for instance, has come a long way since the all-concealing costumes women wore at the turn of the 20th century. To illustrate this fact, Mode made a video (which debuted on Elle) showcasing 100 years of swimsuits, from 1916 to the present. Rather than simply trying on retro and current beachwear, Mode’s eternally patient and well-postured leading lady rocks the pantsuits of the 1910s, the yellow polka dot bikinis of the 1960s, the bondage-inspired bikinis of today and more iconic styles…in body paint.

Each look took expert painter Allison Pynn and Mode’s team of hair and makeup artists between 60 and 90 minutes to create, making the video an over ten-hour-long labor of sartorial love. Of course, this being the Internet, the endeavor has been distilled into a brisk three-minute spot for your viewing pleasure.

See all the swimsuit transformations in the video above and, yes, you will need to repress the urge to flee your desk and jaunt over to the nearest body of water, chlorinated or no. But take heart, it’s already humpday.