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This Viral Makeup Tutorial Shows That Luxury and Drugstore Cosmetics Look Exactly the Same

The beauty industrial complex would have you think that in order to have truly flawless makeup, one must shell out the big bucks. However, as demonstrated by Raye Boyce, known to her 1,342,030 (at time of publishing) YouTube subscribers as ItsMyRayeRaye, such is not the case.

In a now-viral makeup tutorial (246,000 views currently) the beauty vlogger, lauded for her transparency, sense of humor and affordable product hauls, made up the left side of her face with expensive products and the right side with their drugstore counterparts. “Most of the makeup brands you use today and are made with the same formulas or similar techniques in the same factories,” Raye attests in the video’s written introduction. Other beauty bloggers have used the same reasoning to contest Kylie Jenner’s cultish Lip Kit following, arguing that ColourPop’s Matte liners are identical to the teen mogul’s marked-up merchandise.

“I’m basically going to show you how you can get the exact same look without having to splurge,” Raye begins the tutorial aimed at putting an end to her viewer’s unwarranted overspending. She then proceeds to apply her “simple everyday look.” On the right side of her face, Raye uses products and tools valued at a total of $90. The left side of her face, meanwhile, is the result of $600 worth of beauty merch. While both sides appear — dare we say — identical through the camera lens, we do wonder if there is a difference in the lightness, feel and endurance of the corresponding products and whether the visual similarities hold up as well upon real-life inspection. That said, we don’t think Raye Raye would lead us astray (although, as a ColourPop collaborator, she could be a wee bit biased), but to see for yourself, feel free to snatch up the $700 worth of makeup and materials the beauty maven lists out and give your own two-faced look a go.

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