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Goop Label Is Here and It’s Your Basic Back-To-Real-Life Wardrobe

Gwyneth Paltrow models Goop Label.

Chambray all day; Image: Goop

Goop’s been toying with our emotions lately. The newsletter-turned-lifestyle site-turned-all-encompassing brand released its own organic skincare line earlier this year with revered brand Juice Beauty (It rules; Cue happy tears). Then, founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s somewhat ill-worded Sage Summit comments had us all thinking she was consciously uncoupling from the brand (Um…no thank you; Cue sad tears). She’s not (happy tears again). Now, the brand known for its expertly — if expensively — curated e-commerce offerings and chic designer collaborations is launching its own apparel line, no x’s, ands or dashes necessary. The much-anticipated Goop Label is here, and before you choose whether to rejoice or depair, here are all of the deets:

First off, the line is incredibly well-made. “I think there’s a huge white space in the market for luxurious ready-to-wear at a direct-to-consumer price,” said Paltrow in a statement. Designed with Gwyn’s wardrobe staples and Goop’s greatest apparel hits in mind, the line is produced from the same Italian fabrics — and in the same Italian factories — as coveted brands like Proenza Schouler, Vetements and Dries Van Noten.

“It was very important to me to make the clothes in the same way that all of my favorite designer clothing is made, which is in Italy, with beautifully loomed fabrics, incredible tailoring, and incredible attention to detail, but to be able to deliver those pieces at a third of the price,” Paltrow affirmed. (That said, a third of the price of a Dries masterpiece is still a chunk of change. But more on that in a moment.)

Goop Label's Classic G. Tote

Nothing white can stay; Image: Goop

Secondly, it will hit in monthly installments of around five pieces. For September, it’s all about trusty back-to-reality basics. The four-piece range includes a chambray button down ($195), a heathered gray military-style blazer with button epaulettes offset by a feminine bow belt ($695), matching culottes ($325) and a classic white tote bag ($285) that resembles the kind Lands End offers at a fraction of the price and in more functional colorways than pure white.

Gwyneth Paltrow models Goop Label.

The self-proclaimed suit girl in action; Image: Goop

“I’m a real suit girl, and September, to me, connotes getting back to work, getting back to your life and buckling down,” said Paltrow of the on-trend coordinates. On the button down: “I thought it would be fantastic to invent the perfect chambray shirt that’s a bit relaxed, in the way that chambray inherently is, but also had great structure and tailoring to it. It’s something I don’t see a lot.”

While we can’t fault Paltrow’s impeccable (if aspirational) tastes, it’s hard to say whether we’d choose these straightforward offerings over an investment piece from Tibi or another mid-range luxury retailer. What’s your verdict? Sound off in the comments below and, if you are a fan, head over to to shop the line now.

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