An $8.3K Portable Yurt and Other Stuff You Don’t Need From Goop’s Holiday Gift Guide

Groovyyurts Super Ger 20' Yurt, $8,300

Groovyyurts Super Ger 20′ Yurt, $8,300; Image: Goop

When it comes to insane holiday gift guides, Goop (in partnership with Moda Operandi) might just have Neiman Marcus beat. But at least Gwyneth Paltrow’s beautifully bougie lifestyle site is completely self-aware (that golden dildo was a joke, guys). Plus, some of the gifts are actually useful(-ish), if luxurious. Inside the aptly titled “Ridiculous But Awesome Gift Guide” are gems like a $395 vintage Limoges banana box (you can never have too many), a $120 tube of fluoride-free, enamel-building toothpaste (we can only assume Rennou, said enamel-building agent, is made up of pure liquid gold), and an $8,300 portable yurt modeled after traditional Mongolian dwellings (it’ll come in handy on your yearly glamping getaway). Confession: We’re totally hitting up Santa for the individually-sized infrared sauna. Two grand is a small price to pay for Cindy Crawford-level skin, no?

Scroll down for a few of the goofiest, Goop-iest offerings, then head over to to take in all of the ridiculous (but awesome) offerings.

Unless these necklaces give your furry companions Picture of Dorian Gray type powers, we don’t get it:

Irene Neuwirth Custom Cat Pendant, $6,850; Image: GoopThat’s $312.50 per day of light:

March Brass Menorah, $2,500

March Brass Menorah, $2,500; Image: Goop

For the Rebel Without a Care In the World:

Dennis Hopper's Personal Record Collection, $150,000

Dennis Hopper’s Personal Record Collection, $150,000; Image: Goop

They do know moss is a glorified weed, right?

Luludi Living Art Moss Wall Garden, $599

Luludi Living Art Moss Wall Garden, $599; Image: Goop

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