11 Craziest Fantasy Gifts From the 2016 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Image: Neiman Marcus

Lindsey Wixson covers the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book’s 90th edition; Image: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

If we weren’t well acquainted with Lindsey Wixson’s wide-eyed, cherubic stare, we’d think the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book cover star had just seen the Ghost of Christmas Past or, better yet, the price tag on one of the underlying catalog’s fantasy gifts.

Continuing in its annual tradition, the Dallas-based retailer recently released its notorious glamorous holiday gift guide. Now on its 90th edition, the catalog’s contents remain as covetable and costly as ever. That said, with a little penny-pinching and a heart full of love for the intended recipient, many of the gifts featured in the catalog are totally attainable. The 300-page (700-product) tome offers would-be Santas a meticulously curated selection of fashion, beauty, accessories and housewares from which to choose.

The Fantasy Gifts category is where things start to unhinge. True to its name, only in our wildest dreams — or utter madness — would we empty our bank accounts for these exorbitant gifts. Even knowing that some of the proceeds go to benefit charities like The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, the Grammy Foundation and the Akola Project does little to sweeten the deal. (Yup, it’s like that.)

This year, the evil geniuses over at Neiman Marcus truly outdid themselves. The fantasy gifts range from once-in-a-lifetime experiences (a VIP Grammys experience so you and your S.O. can live your best Kimye life, a slumber party at the department store’s Dallas flagship) to more lasting, er, investments (a $1.5 million rose gold plane, a $100,000 set of children’s classics). Click through the slideshow below for the 411 on all 11 gifts and prepare to suspend your holiday cheer/disbelief.

Images: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus