7 Celebrities That Nailed Retro Style

Have you ever been stuck in a beauty or fashion rut, uninspired and just clueless of what to do next? We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trendsetter or follower, beauty and fashion are two ever-changing modes of expression that wring your creative juices. So what do you do when you find yourself doing the same old look for days and feel like you want to change it up, but you’re just not sure how? Travel back in time, that’s what.

Everyone from fashion designers to stylists to celebrities are routinely inspired by past decades (right now, the 80s and 90s are back in a big way). Either sporting a complete look that references a past decade or incorporating something as small as an accessory or hairstyle distinct to a certain era, fashion is always on a throwback high.

We’re not saying that you should dress up as if you were impersonating a character from Grease (it’s a little too early for Halloween), but take styles from an era that enthralls you and see how you can reference and marry it into your favorite looks of today. It can be an alluring eye look from the 60s that focuses on big lashes (like pulling a Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton) or an elegant yet playful dress inspired by the 50s, Audrey Hepburn style.

Whenever you feel like you’ve hit the wall when putting together your weekly outfits or coming up with a look for an occasion, remember that the past holds a treasure trove of captivating looks that will never go out of style. If it captured eyes and hearts then, surely it will do the same today. So go consult old photographs and teach yourself the art of mixing the old with the new. You are your own stylist.

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