90s Hair Is Back, According to the Spring Runways

The fashion world loves few things more than a retro revival; it feels like the industry single-handedly keeps the phrase “what goes around comes around” in business. Every season we see some decade return for an encore on the runways in some form, be it fashion or beauty, and this season, 90s hairstyles are alive and well.

Sure, 90s redux isn’t exclusive to Spring 2018. The grunge-era resurgence has been going strong for several seasons now, permeating everything from our closets (hello, mom jeans) to our makeup drawers (matte lipstick, anyone?). But for the designer set, it would appear that isn’t quite enough. No, on the catwalks for Spring 2018 we saw a plethora of 90s hairstyles we recognized from our youth, confirming once again that the decade of Nirvana, Kate Moss and Friends will never die. Not if the fashion industry has anything to say about it, anyway.

So, will we be reliving our old styles from hair days gone by? Unclear. If you’re not a Gen X’er — or even a Gen Y’er — this nostalgic moment in beauty may actually feel new and fresh. But for those who lived through it the first time around, 90s hair may feel, well, best left in the 90s. Either way, we’re having fun strolling down memory lane. Check out the slideshow above and join us, won’t you?

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