These 90s Fashion Trends Are Back Like They Never Left

It seems like the 90s have been back for a while. Those that came of age during the era of attitude-infused minimalism — effortlessly cool grunge, blasé yet deliberate normcore — have fashioned a new world, one full of nostalgia. It worked out for the best — the relationship between the style of yesteryear and that of 2016 is surprisingly harmonious. In our social media-obsessed, incredibly fast-paced world, taste and practicality play equal roles in how we dress for the day and so the concept of minimalism and comfort with a touch of personality is extremely appealing. Hence the athleisure outbreak and the triumphant return of the easy-to-slide-into slip dress. While some throwback trends have just begun to rear their heads (classic Converse, immense puffy jackets), others have already been re-legitimized by the runways and style stars of today.

Why? Because (for the most part) these 90s fashion trends should never have left in the first place. Click through the slideshow above to check out ten 90s fashion trends that stood the test of time (and prepare to see some seriously awesome throwback photos).

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