So-Bad-They’re-Awesome 80s Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and now that we’ve all had our way with normcore, we’re ready to embrace our weird and take up the mantle of maximalism. Where better to draw inspiration than kitschy, high-gloss 80s fashion? Look at the success we’ve already had co-opting the decade’s love of the shoulder.

80s fashion trends ran amok at Marc Jacobs Resort 2017.

80s fashion trends ran amok at Marc Jacobs Resort 2017; Image: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Scrunchies and parachute pants we’re happy to leave in the past but some of those over-the-top fashion trends have us feeling downright nostalgic — and where there is longing, there is gratification. Maybe it was taking in Marc Jacobs’ Resort 2017 collection to the sounds of Duran Duran, but suddenly we’re craving windbreaker-inspired jackets, puffy-sleeved everything and metallic numbers that’ll put the whole club to shame.

Click through the slideshow below for six so-bad-they’re-awesome 80s fashion trends that have designers’ — and our — animal-printed seal of approval.