How to Style the 80s Fashion Trend Without Looking Totally Dated

Images: Imaxtree

There’s no need to check the year. And don’t stress about figuring out what exactly a flux capacitor is. We are still in 2019. Some might question whether we’re in 1989 given the way the 80s have dominated fashion.

The 90s are, like, totally over and noughties’ vibes can’t touch this 80s revival. Whether you lived through the rad decade or not, that statement may make you shudder, given the shoulder pads, the blush, the ruffles, the neon, the crimped hair and, basically, everything. The 80s were unapologetically “the decade of excess” and can make modern minimalists intimidated. We fully admit the 80s were a lot of look, but it’s that bold, unabashed, look-forward-to-dressing-up spirit that makes it welcome in these trying times.

The runways have shown how to remix 80s fashion the right way. Balmain typically nods to the decade every season, but everyone from Marc Jacobs to Saint Laurent to Miu Miu has gotten involved. In recent shows, we saw everything from gnarly acid-wash denim to more-is-more lamé and sequins. The maximalism is infectious, and it’s already heading to the streets.

The runways and the real world show how to strike the right balance of 80s excess with au courant times. A throwback look is good, but appearing like we’re going to an 80s costume party is not, especially when it isn’t October. Word. Some visual guidance is likely welcome, so here’s how to incorporate the 80s fashion trend so it looks cool instead of dated.

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