Athleisure You Can Actually Wear to Work

Sweats as fashion first jogged onto our radar in the early 2000s when Juicy Couture tracksuits dominated. (Remember when Paris Hilton wore sweatpants on the red carpet?) Now, in the age of athleisure, not only are sweatpants cool again, the previous association between wearing sweats in public and giving up on life is officially severed. In fact, those who choose to sport all-over spandex blends often look more put together than those who opt for “real clothes.” Thanks to brands like Alala and Carbon38, workout apparel has truly become designer, with every detail down to the tiniest seam and zipper meticulously crafted from both a functional and an aesthetic standpoint.

We’re not suggesting you head to the courtroom in mesh leggings and sneakers, but given the new status of workout clothes, it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate workout pieces into your wardrobe — even sneakers can fit into an office environment if properly balanced. Here’s a look at some standout pieces.

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