Fashion News


With the success of online retailers of luxury goods, like Net-a-Porter, it’s not surprising that some of the more well established labels have decided to get in on the act. 

There are, after all, many people who either don’t live near towns that have stores which stock these labels or who simply prefer the anonymity of virtual shopping.

For their foray into the online marketplace Balenciaga has decided to focus predominantly on its ever-popular handbags, and a bubblegum pink Day or electric yellow Work are now no more than a click away.  Some shoes, sunglasses, and wallets round out the offerings.  Wisely, they have assumed that no one is going to hand over the substantial amount necessary to purchase one of Mr. Ghesquière’s creations virtually; all of the senses are required for acquisitions of that ilk.

Alexander McQueen, on the other hand, is offering a selection from his men’s and women’s collections in addition to an assortment of bags, shoes, and scarves emblazoned with skulls. 

And while it does make you stop and wonder who is buying $2,500 sequined leggings or $6,000 evening dresses online it is a very nicely laid out site.  Slightly puzzling though, to me at least, is why they are charging for shipping…after all, if you are purchasing $10,000 worth of clothing it would probably be a little annoying to be charged $35 for next day delivery.


Alexander Mc Queen: