Fashion News


In much the same way that investors are analyzing the current state of the stock market and speculating when shares will fall to their lowest point, shoppers (or, should I say, prospective shoppers) are evaluating the winter sales, trying to decide just how low prices are likely to go.

From a personal standpoint I know that, in previous years, an email announcing reductions of 30% would have been greeted with a flush of excitement, a click to the store’s website, and (more often than not) a lunge for my wallet so that I could release my credit cards and let them run free through the fields of savings.  But this year, 30% leaves me uninterested.  Forty percent may raise a flicker of interest, fifty would definitely start me browsing, but at the moment I think I can quite happily manage to restrain myself from actually buying anything until the reductions start to creep closer to the 60% mark. 

It’s mercenary I know, but after years of being at the mercy of stores (and the high mark-up percentage added to most of the items they stock) it’s refreshing to have such a feeling of power.

Photo by Nicholas Routzen.