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This dire economy has definitely amped things up when it comes to shock value. Louis Vuitton kicked things off when they partnered with Kanye West for a much-hyped line of sneakers, and now Gucci is fittingly following suit with a line of their own in partnership with Charlotte and Samantha Ronson’s brother, DJ and musician Mark Ronson.

Ronson worked with Gucci creative director Frida Giannini to design a limited edition line of kicks called Gucci Ronson which will be sold at various locations via Gucci’s limited edition sneaker tour, Icon-Temporary, which was designed by Giannini and will kick off on the 23rd of October in New York City. Each city that the Gucci sneaker tour stops in will get its own Gucci Ronson sneakers which are priced between $500 and $600.

The Icon-Temporary is slated to hit seven cities including Art Basil in Miami, Crosby Street in New York City’s Soho, London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. In addition to the Gucci Ronson sneakers, there will be 18 sneaker styles (14 for men and 2 for women) at each stop, priced between $500 and $1,400.  Each of these will incorporate Gucci’s iconic GG logo and an embroidered ‘limited edition’ label. There will also be unique package designs specifically for each city on the tour, and Ronson has teamed-up with a variety of musical artists to create limited edition tracks for each of Gucci’s store openings.