We’re Wander-Lusting for These 10 Weekend Bags

Going home for the holidays will probably make you wish two things: A) that you traveled more often, and to more, ahem, exotic locales, and B) that you could seriously upgrade your luggage situation. Airport envy is no laughing matter, and neither is the price tag for great luggage (because we know you're envisioning a kind of Louis-Vuitton-sponsored Darjeeling Limited situation for your next trip across state lines.) Luckily, it turns out that the price points for weekenders—those wonderful, slightly larger version of small bags—are actually pretty reasonable, and happily, some of our favorite designers have gotten in on the action.

What do we look for in a weekender? Storage, storage, storage! It's gotta be big enough to stash enough for a weekend away (well, obviously). And of course, we're looking at the style too, because function is never enough, is it? Click through for a selection of 10 great bags, ranging in price from well under $50 to well over $300.