Gail Simmons: 5 Restaurants to Dine at Before You Die

Daniel NYC, via

Daniel NYC, via

It's almost impossible to narrow a list of best restaurants down to five, but here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Daniel in New York because it’s the ultimate New York fine dining experience and Daniel Boulud is a master.

  2. Etxebarri just outside of San Sebastian, which is an amazing spot for grilled everything. They're known for their grilled beef, but they literally grill everything from caviar to ice cream.

  3. Le Comptoir du Relais in Paris is perfect for the ultimate French bistro lunch experience.

  4. In Saigon, they have an amazing night market called Ben Thanh where you can find incredible food stalls. I love getting local dishes like shrimp simmered in coconut water and lime, and they also have tons of incredible fruits and vegetables.

  5. Breakfast at Daiwa Sushi at the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo – go at six or seven in the morning after touring the market and there’s no fresher fish in the world.