Gail Simmons: What’s in My Fridge?

image: Getty

image: Getty

When I'm filming Top Chef, my fridge is empty because I'm not around to fill it and my husband doesn't! When I am home, though, there are a few things I always have stocked:

  • Two or three kinds of hot sauce (Sriracha, Harissa and Tabasco, usually)
  • Two kinds of mustard
  • A big piece of parmesan
  • Lots of lemons and limes
  • A bottle of champagne
  • A dozen eggs
  • Milk

Lastly, I always have a lot of fruits and veggies because when I cook for myself, I try to cook almost vegetarian — though I do cook with dairy. I eat so much rich food when I'm working and dining out that I like to keep it simple at home, especially in the summer. I'll keep it simple and light with salads, grilled veggies and lots of whole grains.