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21 Questions with… Model Robyn Lawley



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Robyn Lawley recently made waves when she appeared in Sports Illustrated‘s infamous swimsuit issue as the first shapely model to ever grace its pages (she’s a size 12). She even rocked a bikini from her own swimwear line for the iconic spread. The Wilhelmina model has racked up quite a few other notable gigs, including being the first plus-size woman to appear in Australian Vogue and landing a Ralph Lauren campaign. But there’s more to the Australian native than modeling. She’s a mother, DJ and hard core Trent Reznor fan who loves Six Flags and is itching to throw an epic telescope party. Oh, and she’s also our June guest editor.

Get to know the Renaissance woman by checking out how she answered our quickfire questions below.

  1. The first thing I do in the morning is… I feed and change my baby, then I’ll do some yoga and sometimes I DJ. I make good sets in the morning. Go figure!
  2. The item of clothing I wear the most is… my black motorcross leggings/tights — they are cool and comfy and everywhere I go, people always want to know where I got them. I bought them five years ago and have five pairs.
  3. I would never leave home without… my baby! Ha-ha!
  4. My guilty pleasure is… electronic items and gadgets! I think I own five cameras.
  5. My beauty essentials include… I’ve been making my own body butter for my skin and it’s pretty awesome. It has herbs and essential oils that help post-baby.
  6. The best thing about being a mom is… her…she is a chunky little monkey that already has an incredibly sweet personality…she smiles at everyone she meets. She’s remarkable.
  7. If my days had one extra hour I’d… clean more! Even before my baby, my days were full to the brink…now it’s chaos. I’ve put a break on some of my hobbies and I can’t wait to start again.
  8. The last thing I googled was… Pop magazine.
  9. If I could meet anyone living or dead it would be… I would love a hug from my grandma.
  10. When it comes to modeling, people don’t realize… the persistent state of jet lag!  It’s totally different to going on holiday where you get off the plane and go relax. You fly 12 to 24 hours and often go straight from the airport to set and work 15 hours and then get back on a plane and do it again!
  11. My favorite snack is… avocados…I eat them like bananas!
  12. The one thing I splurge on is… handbags and sunglasses! I have big feet, so shoes are hard to find.
  13. My favorite place to travel is… anywhere that has no cell reception and endless forests.
  14. My most memorable modeling gig was… I used to laugh at ANTM thinking they make girls do such ridiculous stuff…until I became a model and have done endless amounts of crazy things to get a great shot. It definitely takes some spine.
  15. If you looked at my desktop you’d see… usually my desktop is filled! I have a million folders full of projects I’m working on. My background is a shot of a nebula and I have one photo of my surprise baby shower that my family and friends threw in Australia. My grandma was there and she passed a few weeks later, so it’s nice to be reminded of her every day.
  16. When I’m stressed I… cook, write music, paint or DJ. I get it out through creative expression.
  17. On a typical Saturday night I… stay home with my baby, my dog and my man. We moved recently and it’s so beautiful in the mountains, so I’d really like to buy a telescope. Telescope party, woooh! Ha-ha!
  18. My biggest style regret is… I have a lot, but I’d say anything below the age of 20 was bad! 
  19. Something people don’t know about me is… I love Six Flags; you can’t beat the adrenaline rush of a scary ride!
  20. I’d love to work with… Trent Reznor! Dude has my dream job.
  21. The best advice I’ve ever received was… “Be happy, be positive,” from my grandma. She was so inspiring to so many. And my business manager/agent, well, she told me from the start to “just be me.”