Molly Sims: Packing Tips and Carry-On Essentials

image: Getty

image: Getty

I'm not a light packer, but I like to think of myself as an efficient traveler. I always roll up my clothes instead of laying them flat and I don't believe in packing a suitcase and leaving empty space — even if I plan on shopping — because it will wrinkle my clothing. I'm equally meticulous when it comes to my carry-on. I've been using a beat-up vintage Louis Vuitton bag as one of my carry-on pieces for the last decade and it just gets better with age. I love it because it has long straps so I can wear it while also carrying a cross-body bag. 

I never board a plane without:

  • A scarf (usually some kind of a pashmina)
  • An awesome pair of sunglasses (currently I'm loving a pair of cat eye ones I got from Thomas Maeir)
  • Papaw ointment, because it's so versatile
  • A roll-on perfume to help wake me up
  • Oribe Dry Texture Hairspray and a hair mist from Pantene
  • Cashmere socks
  • Ballet flats
  • My iPhone, iPad and a little bag filled with my chargers
  • Clothing-wise, I love traveling in James Perse or Alexander Wang shirts and I have a pair of jeggings that always look great and never wrinkle