Model Soo Joo Park Shares Her Top 5 Packing Tips

When you’re an in-demand model, it pays to have packing down to a science. After all, there’s always a photoshoot, runway or red carpet event that requires your attention. From making the rounds at the Cannes International Film Festival on behalf of L’Oréal Paris to hitting the catwalk with Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel Cruise 2016 show in Seoul, South Korea, our May Guest Editor Soo Joo Park has logged her share of frequent flyer miles. Lucky for us, she’s sharing her expert tips so we can be better prepared for our next journey.


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  1. Bring headphones: Oftentimes, the airplane carrier will provide you with headphones. But some budget airlines or domestic flights don’t. And really, do you want to disembark at your destination with red, irritated ears from the ill-fitted foam ear cups? I always pack my Linea N°1 headphones from Caeden because they zap out the loud engine noise and the sound of the neighboring passenger’s annoying snoring. Not only that, but the headphone cable doubles as the auxiliary input cord once I’m at the hotel to connect my iPhone to speakers that are often provided bedside.
  2. If your travel itinerary is longer than one week, you must pack two bags of toiletries — one for in-flight and another for your checked luggage: This is a rule mostly for women or people who have a high-maintenance beauty regimen. I find that I can get by with travel-size toiletries if I’m traveling for less than five days. But if it’s longer than one week, I make sure to pack two separate toiletry bags. I use a small pouch for my in-flight necessities, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, cuticle oil, a small jar of face wash and face cream. My toiletry bag for checked luggage is significantly larger and usually contains the entire line of Redken Extreme haircare, a loofah, makeup remover (I recommend the PreCleanse from Dermalogica) and other full-size skincare products.
  3. Have designated pouches for everything else: Here’s how I break mine down: one for chargers and adapter plugs, another for passport and international currency. These go in your carry-on. Then you pack another for snacks and tea bags, and three fabric pouches, one for underwear, another for socks and hosiery and an empty one to be your hamper. These will be in your checked luggage.
  4. Pack a sheet mask for the flight: Because it’s the best way to pamper yourself while you’re in the air, especially since the recycled air and changes in altitude cause your skin to stress out.
  5. Roll up an empty tote bag: Somehow I always end up coming home with more things than I’d left with. A tote bag weighs nothing and takes up no space in your luggage, but can be very useful when your luggage is overweight or even worse, just won’t close.

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