Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh! 5 Royal Baby Gifts Courtesy of Canada

The Internet is currently abuzz with news that Kate Middleton is going into labour. Then again, by the time you read this, she may have already birthed a beautiful baby girl/boy, in which case congrats Kate and Willz!

Now we know the royal couple have particularly fond feelings for Canada given that they made their first official engagement here after their wedding in 2011, so it’s with that mutual love that I bring a bounty of Great Northern baby gifts that the couple would be proud to receive from y’all. If you don’t happen to be a part of their inner circle, then I guess you can still buy the all-Canadian-made goods for your pauper pregnant friends too, on the condition they don’t ever talk about their uncontrollable gas or leaky lady lumps again. Deal?

Baby Art

1. Mini Moche Shorts Romper, $40; 2. Bummis Swimmi Swim Diapers, $14.49; 3. Three Sprouts Peacock Mobile, $24.99; 4. Small Potatoes Bloomin’ Lovely Sage Dress, $39 (Do I need to add, I wish they made this in my size?!); 5. Kushies Dash Grey Stripe Romper, $23.99.