Probiotics and Other Supplements Your Diet Needs Now

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We all love to work hard and play hard — but too often, taking care of ourselves falls by the wayside. Whether you are skimping on sleep, drinking too much or not eating right, a dose of nutrition can go a long way. Adding the right supplements can be a great start.

Here are some recommended must-haves to include in your daily routine:

Vitamin D

"Every woman from her 20s up should acquaint herself with Vitamin D, we call it the 'Power Vitamin' because it helps with so many things. For starters, it is a must for strong bones and can prevent health issues including MS and Osteoporosis," says Dr. Yael Varnado.


Studies show decreased heart and cancer risk for men and women, but generally this is a great "one a day" way to get the daily requirements of everything you should be getting in your diet, be it Vitamin C, D, calcium, iron, and others. Many of us take these for simple immunity and physical energy, but there's lots of other benefits.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is known for its prenatal prowess but is a B vitamin that your whole body can use for many aspects of growth and development, including better memory, brain health and digestive health. Even if you aren't considering having a baby now, or ever, this is a great idea for overall health.


Many are aware of the benefits of probiotics on digestive health, but it turns out that probiotics can be good for your heart as well, especially when it comes to cholesterol health. Probiotics also reduce colon cancer risk and lowers cholesterol — all things we appreciate!

Always see your doctor before switching up any medical routine, though, as there can be too much of a good thing. "Calcium has been linked to health issues such as heart disease. Also, be aware of hidden elements in your food, for instance soy contains estrogen," says Dr. Varnardo.