The Best Dorm Space-Saving Tricks of All Time



You know you’re going to be living in a small space come September. How? Because you’ve signed up for the experience of a lifetime — living in a dorm room. And whether you were lucky enough to snag a single or will be sharing with another student, chances are you’re going to need some advice on getting the most out of your space. No, we’re not talking a plastic divider so you can keep your pens and your paper clips from having a party in your desk drawer without you, we’re talking about some tricks and tips you may not have time to think of yourself. Sharing a little know-how from our dorm days is the least we can do. We know you’ve got a lot more on your plate than just optimizing your living space, and we also know how much smoother everything will seem when you’ve got that space together. So, check out our best space-saving tricks below.


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