Love Guru Aviva Reimer Offers Her Top Dating Tips

Aviva portraitValentine’s Day may be upon us, but for those of us who are single, don’t despair. We spoke with dating expert Aviva Reimer for some tips on how to find The One. A student of The Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Patti Stanger, Reimer’s Toronto-based consulting company Perfect-Fit strives to help clients discover their confidence and focus on their minds and bodies, while building their emotional strength in order to match them with their perfect partner. Her methods, though a bit old-fashioned, are a far cry from swiping right, but perhaps that’s why they work? Here, she shares her top tips for first dates, proper sexting and more. 

theFashionSpot: What are some definite first date don’ts?

Aviva Reimer: Never be late on a first date and don’t talk too much. If your date asks you lots of great questions about yourself, feel free to expand on them, but don’t go on and on about yourself for a long time. Ask questions as well and show that you’re interested in your date. Avoid topics like religion or past relationships. The conversation should be light and fun.

tFS: What are some fashion and beauty musts when prepping for a first date?

AR: Pamper yourself that day, so you feel extra relaxed and refreshed. Go shoe shopping or pick out a fabulous scent. Spend the day at a spa or go to a salon to get beautified. Women love to feel and look beautiful for someone special. 

tFS: What are the rules for sending a “proper” sext?

AR: Always use full sentences and questions, so there is no room for misunderstandings or assumptions. Subtle innuendos and a little bit of coyness is always fun and flirty when sexting, but always make sure that you are being understood. Emoticons can certainly help with getting your intentions across. But stay away from strictly sexting relationships. You always want to get face-to-face with people of interest.

tFS: How does Perfect-Fit differ from other matchmaking services? 

AR: My ways of matchmaking are based on the no-games approach. I encourage dating the old school way with chivalry, mutual respect and verbal or face-to-face communication. We are different because not only do we put the right people together, but we also teach you and give you the tools to eliminate all the negative aspects that keep potential partners from entering your life.