Everyone Is Obsessed with This Creepy MyIdol App

Have you grown tired of the Kardashian game and Candy Crush and need a new mindless way to waste hours of your day? We’ve got you covered. Meet your next obsession: Chinese app MyIdol, which lets you turn a selfie into an incredibly creepy avatar that you can then make pole dance, walk a runway, ride a motorcycle and more. You can even give yourself an Elsa from Frozen braid and have your mini-me belt out “Let It Go.” Other options include aging yourself 50 years, wearing a giant panda suit and exporting reaction GIFs of your disturbing digital doppelganger. While all text within the app is entirely in Chinese, it’s surprisingly intuitive to use. (There’s a translation here though if you couldn’t figure out that the green button with a camera on it will take a photo.)

And don’t think you’re too good for such pedestrian things as making a terrifying dancing cartoon version of yourself — even the fashion set can’t get enough of it, from Marc Jacobs to new it-girl Lily-Rose Depp. Scroll down to see some of our favorite designers and models dabbling in the uncanny valley, and then get crackin’ on your own.

Sadly, we doubt we’ll see one from Anna Wintour, but we can still hope. She did do that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, after all.

Joan Smalls


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Marc Jacobs

Chris Benz


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Daniel Vosovic

Lily-Rose Depp


jack newton/nick’s tires

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Henry Holland



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Ali Michael



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Stefano Gabbana


Oggi Nn c’erano modelle disponibili!!!

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Bella Hadid


Staring into your soul while giving you a strip tease

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