Cold Brew or Iced? How to Make the Chillest Coffee Drink Ever

Iced coffee is all the rage right now and not only because summer is just around the corner. According to a recent feature in The Washington Posta woman in Illinois is outraged and suing Starbucks because her iced coffee contained too much ice and not enough coffee. We feel your pain. There’s nothing worse than a watered-down iced coffee.  

But keep in mind that iced coffee and cold brew coffee are two completely different things. While both iced, iced coffee is simply regular coffee over ice. Cold brew is a more meticulous method that involves steeping overnight to get rid of bitterness and acid. In hopes that you don’t commit the same watered-down coffee crime at home, we’ve got several pro tips and gadgets when it comes to making the best iced coffee or cold brew coffee ever.

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