Clear Coffee Is Here to Keep Your Teeth White and Bright

We are in an era where a lot of unusual things come about, especially on the food scene. Blame it on social media where oddball food trends bubble up in an effort to garner likes and comments. Whether it’s gorgeous-looking acai bowls or gimmicky activated charcoal croissants, some Insta-bait foods actually deliver on their promise to improve your life — or at least your next meal.

The newest out-there food to hit the scene is clear coffee, or CLR CFF. It’s a caffeinated beverage created by Slovakian brothers who, according to the brand’s website, are heavy coffee drinkers. But as any coffee lover knows, drinking a ton of the black-hued beverage denies you a bright smile. This is what led them to develop a processing method that yields the same energy-giving drink sans the teeth-staining color.

CLR CFF is made from roasted Arabica coffee. The processing method itself is top secret, but the brothers do share this info on the company’s website: “To achieve the transparency, we do not use chemicals. The caffeine level is similar to a double espresso or French press. Clear Coffee is a drink which is low in calories and doesn’t contain any preservatives, stabilizers, added aromas, sugar or sweeteners.”

Clear coffee isn’t for everyone, especially those who like their coffee just the way it is — black and bold. But if you’re one of those who can’t live without caffeine but want white teeth, your dilemma has been solved.

CLR CFF is sold on Amazon and select Whole Foods stores. Right now it’s sold out, but when it’s back in stock, get yourself a bottle and try it for yourself. It just might change the coffee game for you.

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