15 Chic (and Adorable) Pet Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Pics marked #OOTD. Detail shots of new accessories. An adorable vacation shot. These may sound like the Instagram photos from our favorite fashion bloggers, but these are actually some of the photos you will regularly find on the feeds of the chicest pets on Instagram. 

There are lots of adorable pet Instagram accounts, but there are some pets’ accounts that look like they could be a human’s — if it wasn’t for all of the cute wet noses, wagging tails and bowls of gourmet dog food. These pampered pooches and pussycats can define #goals for us two-legged animals.

If you are looking to fill your feed with photos of cats and dogs that are equal parts chic and cute, go and follow these pets’ Instagram accounts now. Click through the gallery to see some of our favorites and try not to be a little bit jealous of them.

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