18 Unconventional Travel Instagrams to Follow

You probably already follow a lot of travel Instagrams. If your feed is full of globe-trotters, though, you may notice that you tend to see the same kind of shots on repeat. If you’re an armchair traveler whose Instagram feed is starting to feel a little basic, you’ll want to follow these 18 unconventional travel Instagrams.

Not your average sunset and palm tree pics, these photographers take the road less traveled. Some we can’t resist following because they’re quirky, like the account that posts only snaps of the best drinks from around the world, or a baby who probably already has more stamps in her passport than you. Others we love to follow because they offer a traveler’s perspective that we don’t get to see enough of on social media, like the backpacking queer couple or the hub for jet-setters of color. Double tap on these unconventional travel Instagrams for an injection of something different in your feed.