15 Empowering Instagram Accounts You Really Should Be Following

When life throws us shade, a lot of us turn to our phones for comfort. But the curated lives we see on social media often don’t make us feel any more comfortable in our own skin. We hear a lot about the negative impact social media has on our lives (raise your hand if you have Facebook-induced FOMO). But one beautiful thing about apps like Instagram is that they give us all an equal platform for our voices to be heard and connect us instantly to exactly what we need to hear — whether that’s an ASMR slime-squeezing video or a simple word of affirmation.

For a daily injection of “YAAAS!” in your feed, we’ve rounded up 15 of the most relatable, trailblazing, humanist, empowering Instagram accounts. These truth speakers are less about getting likes and shares and more about sharing love; less about selfies and more about self-care. So for those days when you need a little reminder that you’re flawless, click through the slideshow above to discover 15 empowering Instagram accounts that’ll help you take that wisdom off your phone and into the real world.