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Unmistakably beautiful and full of luster, velvet has always been the choice of fabric for history’s wealthy and royal. It has been regarded as a symbol of luxury and nobility for centuries because of the time and money required to make it, its bold colors, and its delightfully rich texture. It has adorned opera singers, decorated royal bedchambers, and graced the necks of kings. In today’s day and age, velvet is now affordable, and it’s predicted to be fashion’s newest rage this upcoming fall. Best of all, it can be worn in so many ways.

Generra, Jill Stuart, Alexander Wang, and Karen Walker all included velvet in their Fall 2010 runway shows. Velvet stands out because it totally transforms a classic piece into something extraordinary. A common two-piece skirt-and-blazer set is taken from boring to great with just a quick change of fabrics.

Why wear a simple black blazer when you can wear a rich purple velvet that makes you feel like a reigning queen? Switch out your distressed denim for a stretchy pair of velvet leggings or pants. Pair them with a tunic blouse and a sleek vest, and you’ll look like a rock star. Or try finding velvet tops with elaborate cut out designs for a look that is romantic, ethereal, and as delicate as a butterfly. A basic dress in a simple silhouette can also be made fresh with the historic fabric. When draped intricately, such as with Jill Stuart’s green mini dress, the texture of velvet seems to change and catch the light in a unique way, creating an entirely new fabric-wearing experience.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Jill Stuart


Karen Walker

It is best to stick with deep jewel tones like red, purple, blue, and green, because these regal colors complement the fabric’s thick texture best. Loud colors like orange and yellow can look too funky and tacky.

Whether you like your velvet crushed or smooth, incorporating a little bit of it into your wardrobe is interesting and eye-catching. Unlike a wild print or pattern, velvet stands out because of its light-reflecting elements that move the eye effortlessly without startling it. No longer reserved for the royal and the rich, velvet is up for grabs by anyone. Now it is your time to find a way to wear velvet that suits your personality and body the best. Here are some options.

Motley Velvet Blazer by Leyendecker- $207.90

Velvet Dress by Silence & Noise – $29.99

Odelia Velvet Top by Elizabeth and James – $103.50

Velvet Underground Dress by MINKPINK – $57.40

Bop Basics Velvet Leggings by Shopbop – $78.00