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Blogger Luxirare Opens E-Shop


Luxirare is the immensely popular blog that combines meticulous preparation of food and wearables – "killer clothes and fine cuisine" – and wraps it all up with deliriously detailed photography and description.
Known for her strict anonymity – nearly all photographs of the blogger’s face include identity-shielding dark sunglasses and a mess of long, dark hair – Luxirare has lavished readers with both her extensive and well-crafted take on food and clothing, and her collection of covetable designer pieces.
Luxirare is finally putting her clothes-hungry readers out of their misery, by putting her curious amount of self-branding equipment to good use, and opening an online shop.

Selling both handmade and vintage items (unfortunately, no food), the Luxirare e-shop is a study in both luxury and rarity, as the name suggests.

The handmade section, which is already mostly sold out, features a gorgeous, forearm-spanning cuff, a patchwork fur and organza jacket, and a foxtail keychain adorned with leather and tiny handcuffs.
Luckily, Luxirare has also amassed a perfectly curated collection of vintage pieces, which are also for sale. Sections include the usuals – clothes, jewelry, shoes, but also lingere and dishware.
Naturally, you should expect someone who devotes half their blog to food to devote some space in their shop for dishware.
Prices are a pretty penny in the Luxirare e-shop.  The fur and organza jacket is $1400, but allow posts from the blog to demonstrate the insane amount of work and detail that are going into each piece.
Those bummed about the sold-out status of most of the original pieces should not fret; Luxirare assures that most of the things she’s made for her blog will end up in the shop.