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Elise Overland Fall 2011 Runway Review

For designers that don’t have the marquee appeal of say Marc Jacobs or Carolina Herrera, getting editors and writers to their presentations is not the easiest of feats. In a shrewd move, Norwegian designer Elise Overland presented her Fall 2011 collection at the Standard Hotel’s ice skating ring. Models – albeit shivering ones – stood in high stilettos and even higher booties on the ice as about a dozen professional skaters (decked out in Fall 2011 Elise Overland), from Ice Theatre of New York skated around them in moves choreographed by skater-come-fashionisto Johnny Weir, who capped off the show by taking to the ice himself.

Elise Overland fall 2011 runwayElise Overland fall 2011 runway

Fittingly, Skyn Iceland products were bountiful backstage as the models’ makeup was removed with Glacial Cleansing Facial Clothes, calmed with Arctic Face Mist, and treated to a 10 minute eye de-puffing treatment with Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – though after an hour on the ice I’m sure the models were craving little besides the hot toddies being passed around to the show’s guests.

Elise Overland fall 2011 runway

As for the outfits themselves, if only all ice-skating ensembles looked this good. Standing and skating past a specially commissioned ice sculpture, models and skaters were decked out in peplum dresses, painterly futuristic print jackets and dresses, stretch leather catsuits and separates, ruched neon dresses, and lots of shaggy furs done in an array of color-ways. Given the skating inspiration, it’s of little surprise that skirts and dresses had very high hemlines.

Elise Overland fall 2011 runwayElise Overland fall 2011 runway

The best part of the show, however, may have been that it was open to the public. Anyone passing by was invited to stop and watch, and many, including children and families, did just that, making the show the ultimate in the democratization of fashion.