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Olivier Zahm Thinks You’re Vulgar; Christopher Kane Designs For J Brand

Olivier ZahmPurple magazine founder and party boy Olivier Zahm says (with a straight face!) that the role of blogs, Twitter, and Facebook in fashion has pushed the industry into a "vulgar, common, bad direction — because of the direct access that doesn’t come with an education, reflection, understanding." The only person that's possibly more vulgar than Olivier Zahm (in the whole world, not just fashion) is his best bud Terry Richardson. And I don't know who Olivier Zahm is calling "common" because unlike him, the rest of us tend to wash off our eye crust before leaving the house. Curse the hygienic plebes! [WWD]

Christopher Kane is partnering with J Brand to produce a limited-edition denim collection for his Spring 2012 Resort line. The line will be available worldwide, and will likely be a major boon in sales and standing to the London-based designer. [Vogue UK]

Kelly Osbourne's Material Girl campaign has just been released, and it's exceeded my expecations. The ads are a definite improvement on Taylor Momsen's lackluster performance for Madonna's line: Osbourne looks pretty, comfortable, and playful. [FabSugar UK]

With the number of stylists buzzing around Hollywood, we see far too many celebrities making major mistakes on the red carpet. The adorable Lea Michele might be as cute-as-can-be, but some of her frumpy outfits need a little help. [FashionGrail]

Gucci goes back to the 80s with double handbags for Fall 2011. [BagSnob]

I've been getting a lot of sleep, working out, and eating well to prepare myself for a very special event coming up this weekend: the Oscars co-hosted by my beloved, James Franco, and some annoying actress I used to like before she stole my co-hosting gig, Anne Hathaway. I'm not actually attending the event, but I expect to be watching *so hard* that I'll never make it through the entire ceremony if I don't take steps to get in shape. And to train my brain for the big day, I've been watching a lot of James Franco videos, reading interviews, checking his new Facebook & Twitter accounts every minute or so, and generally just thinking about him a whole lot. If you want to follow along with my training program, you can start by clicking through for a listicle of James Franco's 5 funniest moments of all time. [BettyConfidential]